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So. Should I wonder where everyone has been?


My birthday was two days ago. I didn't get a word. I didn't expect anything from my father. I never do. I haven't seen him since last year with Lisa. Speaking of her, I haven't heard from her. I wonder what is going on with her. And with everyone else. I don't know. Maybe I expected too much, but I was disappointed when I only got a card. But, hey. I probably expect too much.

Did I kick this thing under my bed or what?

How is everyone around here? I haven't talked to anyone really, I've been busy with my homework. I even accidentally did my Charms in this journal...Weird. But, I have good news.

Guess who's going home for the hols?

[just in case you didn't know, that was sarcastic.]

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Done. Disappeared. Not my feelings, of course. I could never stop the way I feel, but I suppose that she can turn her feelings on and off. I suppose that's why she told me she loved me and then wants to leave me because I don't have the time to go and see my father. Or maybe it's the will power. She doesn't understand how he makes me feel. And what he does either.

Do you let someone go if you care about them that much? I'm not sure if I was right in accepting her invitation to separation, but I had things to take care of that I couldn't discuss with her and she doesn't understand. I was just in too deep with her and I let it get to me. Now that I think about it, we never really spent time together at all, but I know how I felt. Spending time or not doesn't say whether I love her or not. Life is life.

I'm sorry, Lisa. I tried.

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It seems like nearly everyone in my family has some form of agreement to send me. Actually, they're mostly wills of my dead relatives with loads of money that I don't have access to until April.

And I'm worried about Ginny. Anyone care to tell me how she is? Last I heard from Hermione, she wasn't very happy. Screaming, actually. I'll have to take a trip to see her soon.

Daphne, dear, we must spend time together again. I feel so relaxed and clear-minded when I'm around you. Makes me forget all of my troubles.

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Well, I've probably mentioned it a couple of times, but it seems that I've become less and less in my father's eyes. To him, I'm a disgrace. A shame to all of Ireland and the whole Finnigan lineage. He even went as far as to tell me that even my mother didn't love me and that I was an unwanted child. That my mother had me on accident.

He sent me the whole, "you'll never amount to anything in life and you are no longer a part of any family of mine," business, but I really. don't. care. Like I was told by Harry someone, "fuck it and be yourself," and also told by Lisa another, "I'd like to show your father I care about you." I'm glad I have all of my friends around. And as I promised, I have a couple of more words to say about another conflict going on around here.

Read it. Especially you, Malfoy.Collapse )

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Ginny, I'm afraid that you knocked your permanent ink over before you left the Common Room. Who were you writing to anyway? Do you have a charm for this? It's on my homework.

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Merlin, so...what? Lavender fancies me? Ginny? Both? Neither? God, Lavender, I apologised! Damnit, stop hexing my bed lavender! It's really gorgeous, though.

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So. Lisa is taking me to dinner. I wish it was for something other than me cheering her up. Maybe because I'm just--I don't know. I've been a little irritable lately, so I really don't know. There are so many opportunities for a nice shag that I've been given, but I'm being such a gentleman and being a good friend. I don't know.

And there are so many pretty girls out there who aren't getting action. Yes, Greengrass, I am talking about you when I say this. Despite house morale and all of that utter crap, you are attractive and you should be thought of as such. 

I'm a little scared of the Common Room. Only a little. I told Ron about Harry and Malfoy and I was spared my life by Dean. For if Dean wasn't there, I'd have a time trying to get Ron to calm down. Ugh. The boundaries of a good friendship. Potter, if you read this, you SOOOO owe me.

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Well. Corner has finally disappeared, thanks to Hermione. Must remember to shower her in presents and eternal thanks. Something like that. So, now I can take a piss without worrying if Michael is going to show up behind me. *shudders* 

Everyone is totally getting laid. No fair. I mean, there are plenty of people I know for a fact would wet themself if I asked for a shag, but maybe my mind is just a little twisted or something. No idea. Maybe it's stress. Or fear. Or girls. Sodding girls. They get a little too emotionally attached after a shag. 

I mean, I wouldn't mind getting attached to a pretty girl--(tends to be the dark haired ones that do this) butshe'll kinda want to do everything with me. Sit in the library and do homework, take a walk, wait outside the bathroom for me(which I admit is better than Corner), and all of that nonsense. If I could find someone that I'd like to get attached to and is a good shag, I would definitely go for her. But, alas, I haven't found anything yet.

But I totally want a good lay. No doubt about that.

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Well, I have suspicion that Michael Corner is gathering gay blokes sexually confused Ravenclaws to come find me. I mean, I know about the hex that Hermione cast that is pure genius, but that still doesn't bear for the fact that no matter how far I've run in the library--Pince got angry as hell--Corner has been following me. I worry for my virginity sanity.

He's been creeping me out with those quotes. I mean, Hermione's lovely for finally hexing him like he deserves, but hearing things such as, "Seamus, I want you to touch me," "I'll explode like a volcano if you come any nearer," "I'll kiss the good Irish bloke," and "My pants are getting tighter, Finnigan." don't do my brain any good.

Not like I'd shag him.

He's fucking stalking me. He followed me into the lavatory stall. Can't even take a piss without Corner following me. Damnit.

Beside the fact, I've been so busy avoiding Corner that I've had time to talk to anyone. I doubt anyone would want to talk--what with the rumor of Corner stalking me. Afraid I'll bring him around or something.

Damn obsessive Ravenclaws ruining my life.

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